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Time zone: Melbourne
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Ends: 08:30am (duration is about 2 hours)

ECC Sunday Social rides in conjunction with major sponsor Croydon Cycle Works, kicks off again with the first being on Sunday 17th February.

These rides are aimed for everyone with two start times being:
1. Slow – Medium group – rollout from Croydon Cycle Shop at 6.30am (ride leader will be appointed)
2. Faster group – rollout from Croydon Cycle Shop at 6.45am(ride leader will be appointed)

The ride:
This is a no drop ride, so even if you don’t feel you have the pace to keep up, a smiling face will be there to greet you at main corners so you wont get left behind.

After the ride, everyone with gather in Main Street (At a set Cafe) about 8.30am for a well earned coffee and /or cake.

The route:
Heading out fom CCW shop, we head up Mount Dandendong Road, making a right hand turn into Colchester road. Following this road making a left hand turn at Alber Street round about into Mountain Hwy takes each group to the base of the One in 20 to re-group.
Everyone will pace themselves up to the top to re-group again at Sassafrass.

Taking a left hand from here, the groups will proceed up to Olinda with a final descent into Montrose re-grouping again at the main roundabout (Groups will decide on the day if Sky High will be included).

Taking Mount Dandenong Road back, this leads the groups to the final destination – coffee!

Sunday 17th February
Sunday 17th March
Either Sunday 14th April ro Sunday 28th April – to be confirmed
Sunday 19th May
(Then lets see what the weather is doing after that)


Croydon Cycleworks, Croydon, Victoria


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